001 Game Creator Humble Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle for game developers, the awfully named Royalty-Free Game Creator STEM Bundle. This is basically a bundle containing the 001 Game Creator game engine and several DLC packs for creating other genres of games such as Visual Novels and Point and Click Adventure games.

As with most Humble Bundles it is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

SoftWeir Game Design Documentation Builder

SoftWeir Project Management Documentation

SoftWeir World Design Documentation

SoftWeir Map & Dungeon Design Worksheet

SoftWeir User Interface Design Worksheet

SoftWeir Character & Animation Design Worksheet

SoftWeir Story & Storyboard Design Worksheet

SoftWeir Script & Logic Design Worksheet

SoftWeir Item Design Worksheet

Mid Tier

001 Game Creator

15$ Tier

001 Basics E-Book

001 Resource E-Book

001 Game Creator Point and Click Adventure Kit

001 Game Creator Visual Novel Kit

001 Game Creator Step Dungeon Maze Kit

You can learn more about the Royalty-Free Game Creator STEM Bundle and see 001 Game Creator and the various DLC pieces in action in the video below. As with all Humble Bundles you decide how your money is allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose to do (and thanks so much if you do!) to help support GFS using this link.

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