10x C++ Code Editor

The 10x Editor is a new (currently in beta) code editor for the C++ language. It is only available for Windows right now, with other platforms intended to come later, you can download it for free during the beta process. The entire mantra of C++ is performance and simplicity. It can manage complex and large C++ code bases, without requiring and additional downloads and once the code is parsed, it does it in a lighting fast manner. Much faster than Visual Studio or even Visual Studio Code.

In 10x’s own words:

10x is designed to fill the gap between a lightweight text editor and a full IDE. 10x has many of the features of an IDE but doesn’t compromise on speed, even on the largest of projects.

10x has a custom C++ parser that works out of the box, no setup required. The parser is fast and robust and incrementally parses as you type. It provides syntax highlighting, goto-definition, autocomplete and a lot more.

There are many editors/IDEs that promise everything, but it often comes at a cost, either in terms of responsiveness, robustness, or complexity of setup. With 10x, there is no need to compromise. You get the features you need with a fast and responsive editing experience.

10x is aimed predominantly at the professional developer working on large and complex C++ codebases where productivity is vital. 10x makes it easy to quickly navigate around a large project and find what you need. 10x keeps you in the flow.

Coding at 60fps with instant workspace search is something you just have to experience. You may not think your current editor is slow until you try 10x.

10x supports opening of Visual Studio projects, opening folders, and the creation of custom 10x workspaces.

10x is currently Windows only. Support for other platforms is planned for the future.

You can learn more about and freely download the 10x C++ Editor here. You can learn more about the 10x C++ Code Editor and see it in action in the video below.

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