$15,000 Christmas Giveaway For Unity Developers


Organized by DevDog, a Unity asset publisher, there is a Christmas giveaway of Unity assets and resources, with several Unity asset publishers, and Unity themselves contributing.  Simply register via your email address and each days winners are notified, every day leading up to Christmas.  Prizes include various asset store assets, conference tickets and even a Unity Pro license.  Drawing will begin December 1st and conclude of December 25th.


From the email I received:

Sune from Devdog here. We’re a Unity Asset Store Publisher, and we got a crazy ideaimage the other day.

What if we reach out to Unity themselves, fellow Asset Store developers, and other industry folks and ask them to sponsor a Christmas Calendar event for game developers?

Well, we did… and wow, has it snowballed since then! So many said yes that the total present pool is now well above $15.000 in value and includes over 300 presents.

With so many presents to hand out, however, we really have to get the word out there, and I was wondering if you’d help by sharing the event with your followers? 🙂

It’s naturally free to participate, and doesn’t require you to create an account anywhere.

Here’s the link to the Christmas event: http://christmas.devdog.io

And just as an example of a Tweet: https://twitter.com/DevdogUnity/status/803219246083870720

Game developers have delivered hours on end of entertainment and joy to many a gamer on Christmas Day, but now it’s time that the game developers themselves get an early Christmas present, don’t you think? 🙂


Of course, as with any time you have to register an email address, there is always the possibility of spam, but in this day and age, is that really even an issue anymore?  You can read more details about the give away here.

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