1BITDRAGON — Idiot Proof Music Creation Software

Today we are checking out 1BitDragon, one of the easiest tools for creating music, regardless to your level of talent. 1BitDragon is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and is shortly going to be coming to Steam. Thankfully there is now a save limited demo available giving your an opportunity to try 1BITDRAGON yourself.

Details of 1BitDragon:

1BITDRAGON is a music creation software super easy to use, instant and fun

Ever wanted to get into music making but find mainstream music software too complicated?

Doodle some shapes on the piano roll and the dragon will do its thing. You don’t need to know music in order to make something that sounds good.

There are 255 instruments and 275 drum samples so you can make a ton of music across a bunch of genres without having to get outside of 1BITDRAGON.

Features include:

  • 255 high quality handcrafted instruments
  • 275 high quality handcrafted drum sounds
  • 90 accompaniments
  • 24 arpeggiators
  • Use of pentatonic scales to avoid wrong notes, 24 scales variations
  • Euclidean Rhythm Generator that generates natural-sounding rhythmical patterns
  • Live Mode that gives you full control of your live performances while recording a WAV file (high-pass and low-pass filters, modulation wheels)
  • Copy & paste support
  • Full Undo/Redo support
  • Internal 64-bit audio processing engine
  • MIDI export
  • WAV recording and export (44.1 kHz, 16-Bit, stereo .wav files) + loop support
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux versions

Links of Interest

1BitDragon Homepage

Steam Page

itch.io Page

You can learn more about 1BITDRAGON and see it in action in the video below.

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