3ds Max and Maya 2023 + New Logos

New updates of popular 3D packages 3ds Max and Maya 2023 from Autodesk as well as brand new logos for the entire Media & Entertainment product suite have been released.

First, the new logos:

product badgeproduct badgeproduct badgeproduct badgeproduct badge
New Autodesk Logos

I’m fairly sure they will be… polarizing.

Now in terms of the updates.

New Maya Features:

  • Blue Pencil 2D Drawing Tools
  • Cached playback improvements
  • Animation performance improvements
  • USD across Maya’s toolset
  • USD in Bifrost
  • Bifrost updates
  • Enhanced Boolean toolset
  • Retopologize enhancements 
  • Faster manipulation of mesh components
  • QuadDraw performance improvements
  • New mesh wireframe opacity settings
  • Rigging improvements for better precision
  • A more artist-friendly Maya
  • New interactive tutorials
  • Faster Rendering Experience with Arnold

New 3ds Max features:

  • gITF support
  • Retopology Tools 1.2
  • New Pivot based workflows
  • New Properties added to Physical Material
  • Autobackup toolbar
  • Autobackup improvements
  • Faster Rendering Experience with Arnold
  • Occlude Selection Improvements
  • Smart Extrude
  • Unwrap UVW Keyboard Shortcuts

You can learn more about the new 3ds Max and Maya 2023 updates as well as discuss the new logos in the video below.

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