AI Powered Pairs Programming from GitHub Copilot X and Microsoft ChatGPT4

GitHub Copilot X

Nearly a year after the release of GitHub Copilot, GitHub/Microsoft have just released GitHub Copilot X. Copilot X has moved from ChatGPT 3 to ChatGPT 4 and now offers context aware conversations (it remembers what you’ve talked about and responds accordingly). The “X” part of Copilot X represent that Copilot …

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Fab Universal Game Development Marketplace by Epic Games

Epic Games Launch FAB Universal GameDev Marketplace

Today at GDC, Epic Games made several announcements… Unreal Engine 5.2 preview, Unreal for Fornite, MetaHuman Animator, but the biggest announcement of them all is Fab. Fab is a universal game development marketplace combining the Unreal Engine Marketplace, Quixel Bridge software, Quixel MegaScans assets, ArtStation and Sketchfab. It is a …

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Nvidia Game Development SDK announcements at GDC 2023 DLSS 3, Path Tracing, MicroMesh and more

Nvidia at GDC 2023

Yesterday, Nvidia announced the release of several game development SDKs at GDC 2023. This includes the new version of DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling, now with frame generation, as well as Streamline and abstraction layer of super resolution solutions (FSR, DLSS, Xe Super Sampling). They additionally announced new Path …

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