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Corgi Engine Hands-On Review

Corgi Engine 2D/2.5D Platformer and Side Scrolling Unity Framework Review

Today we are taking a look at Corgi Engine one of the most popular assets on the Unity Asset Store, and currently half price as part of the ongoing Unity Super Sale. The Corgi Engine is a set of tools, assets and code libraries designed to make creating 2D and …

Corgi Engine 2D/2.5D Platformer and Side Scrolling Unity Framework Review Read More

Havok Physics For Unity Preview Released

Back at GDC 2019, Unity announced Havok Physics would be coming soon.  Yesterday, Havok for Unity was released as a preview package in the Unity Package manager.  The Havok physics implementation is built on the DOTS framework therefore you will require Unity 2019.1 for higher to run it.Details of the Havok preview from the Unity […]

Unity Release Light Weight Render Pipeline (LWRP) 4.0.0 Preview

In Unity 2018, Unity released a new programmable graphic pipeline.  Alongside this release they implemented two pipelines, the new HD pipeline and the Lightweight Render Pipeline(LWRP).  Today they released a new version of the LWRP, 4.0.0 preview.  If you are using the existing lightweight pipeline in your project be sure to pay close attention as […]

Unity Release Vulkan Renderer Preview

  Vulkan is the next generation version of the OpenGL graphics API by the Khronos Group designed to work better with current generation GPU architectures.  Part of aligning better with the underlying hardware actually made Vulkan a great deal more work than OpenGL.  Thankfully however, in this day and age, that’s a problem for game […]

Unity Preview Splash Screen Tools

  Somewhat recently Unity announced new pricing that didn’t exactly make Unity developers the world over cheer.  Then a few weeks later, they announced newer and much improved pricing.  Part of this new pricing included the ability to make the Unity splash screen optional in the Pro version and “customizable” in the Basic version.  They […]

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