A couple brief Moai tutorials


In the last couple days a few very useful tutorials have shown up on the Moai forums, I thought I would bring to your attention.


Resource Manager with Multi-Res support

This is an intermediate level tutorial, as the author suggested, there aren’t actually all that many tutorials serving this skill level.  He has a couple more tutorials in the works, hopefully at the same link.  In the author’s words, this tutorial:

The resource manager that we will be creating will actually be divided into several parts, each adding specific functionality and some really handy features. As far as the application (your game logic) is concerned, there is a namespace called ‘ResMan’ that provides functions for retrieving any type of data that it needs. This tutorial will start with a simple interface in the ResMan namespace for retrieving images and fonts, as the tutorial progresses the interface will be expanded to include more resource types as well as implement some very handy functionality.



Extending MOAI Lua host with additional 3rd party libraries

Another slightly shorter tutorial, this one is also at the intermediate level.  In the authors own words:

This is a brief how to which I’m posting here because it might save you 5 minutes (or me 5 minutes if I do this again). Recently I added lua ‘bit ops’ to the MOAI host so I could have bit flags. It was completely painless and here’s a little recipe:


Basically it illustrates how to add another lua module to the Moai host, in this case bit ops, very handy.


Nice work guys, keep ‘em coming.  I really have to start a new Moai tutorial soon…

Programming Moai

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