Adobe Acquire Brio XR

Adobe have just acquired another 3D company, this time it’s Brio XR, a VR/AR/XR Metaverse company founded by former Alias and Mudbox founders. Brio XR will join the Adobe 3D Experiences team along side other acquisitions including Allegorthmic as well as Oculus Medium which has been rebranded as Substance 3D Modeler. These purchased companies join inhouse developed 3D technologies such as the AR designer Aero and renderer Stager, in Adobe’s push to join the MetaVerse gold rush.

Details of the acquisition from… LinkedIn:

Once the deal closes, BRIO XR will be joining an unparalleled community of engineers and product experts at Adobe – visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D and immersive creation. Our BRIO XR team will contribute to Adobe’s Creative Cloud 3D authoring and experience design teams. Simply put, Adobe is the place to be, and in fact, it’s a place I’ve long set my sights on joining.  

To our incredible community of BRIO XR users – 40,000+ strong – I hope that as you learn more about Adobe, you’ll find that you share my enthusiasm. I’m eternally grateful for the trust you placed in BRIO XR, and your belief in our web-based, no-code platform for authoring and publishing interactive experiences. You should know that the BRIO XR team is committed to giving you plenty of time to find the right place to transition your tech. As you consider your next creative project, I sincerely hope you’ll consider Adobe and its tremendous offerings in the 3D immersive space.  

Given that the Brio XR website is all but shut down, you can no longer create a new account and it appears they are transitioning existing customers off their platform, this seems to be a straight up talent/technology acquisition for integrating in their other product lines. You can learn more about Adobe acquiring Brio XR in the video below.

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