Adobe Announce Substance 3D Suite with New 3D Modeler

Today Adobe announced the creation of the Adobe Substance 3D collection as well as the launch of an all new 3D modeling application. The Substance 3D collection is a subscription package built heavily around Allegorthmic products acquired by Adobe in 2019, specifically Substance Painter, Substance Designer and the now rebranded Substance Alchemist (now Substance 3D Sampler). The suite also includes Substance Stager, formed from Adobe Dimensions, as well as the all new Substance 3D Modeler.

Details from the Adobe blog:

Substance 3D Stager: Built on the foundation established by Adobe Dimension, Stager lets you easily assemble models, materials, and lighting in a 3D scene and produce stunning virtual photographs and renderings.

Substance 3D Painter: Often called the Photoshop of 3D, Painter allows you to apply textures and materials to a 3D object. Those detailed and infinitely customizable textures are key to making 3D objects seem so realistic that you can imagine reaching out and touching.

Substance 3D Sampler: Sampler (built on the foundation of Substance Alchemist) makes creating materials even simpler. You can bring in a photo and quickly apply filters and mix elements to produce a texture or other material in a matter of minutes.

Substance 3D Designer: With Designer, you can create your own customizable textures, materials, and even 3D models from

Substance 3D Asset Library: : Our content team has created thousands of customizable 3D assets, including models, lights, and materials. The models include everything from a rusty screwdriver to an airplane cabin wall and cover all sorts of uses, from fashion and automobile design to architecture and games — everything you need to get a head start on whatever project you’re planning and make your scene rich with detail and nuance. And you’ll be able to see how these expertly created assets were made so you can apply the same techniques to your own creations.

This collection is just the beginning of our 3D innovation. We’ve also opened a private beta of an upcoming tool called Substance 3D Modeler, a modeling tool that allows you to create your own 3D objects. Modeler uses a VR interface to recreate the natural, organic feeling of sculpting clay with your hands and it lets you interact with your model on the desktop so you can leverage the precision of mouse and tablet controls.

In addition to the new announcements, Adobe also unveiled new icons for the Substance package in the style of other Creative Cloud designs:

You can learn more about the new Adobe Substance 3D suite included the new Substance 3D Modeler in the video below.

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