Affinity Offer All Products FREE For 6 Months

At this point we all know that Adobe screwed up and alienated a lot of their users, with many of those users left looking for Adobe alternatives. One of the biggest alternatives to Adobe, Affinity decided to kick ’em while they were down, offering their entire suite of products 50% off (that offer is ongoing). Well today Affinity decided to take things one step further and are offering all three of their major products, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher completely free for 6 months, no strings attached. Ever wanted to find out if Affinity Photo will fill in for Adobe Photoshop, or if Affinity Designer will fill in for Adobe Illustrator? Well, you’ve never had a better opportunity.

Get a six-month free trial of our award-winning photo editing, page layout, graphic design and illustration software – even if you’ve tried it before!

We know it’s daunting to switch your creative software, so we want to give you plenty of time to test out Affinity before you commit. And for those of you who may have tried it before but didn’t buy for whatever reason, we’ve reset all trials so you can give it another go for a longer period of time.

No obligation to buy, no payment details required to sign up.

You can learn more about the reasoning behind this 6 month fully functioning free trial in the video in this tweet.

You can access the free Affinity trials here and learn more about Affinity and their products in the video below.

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