Affinity Products 50% Off in Flash Sale

Recently Adobe outraged their customers with an update to their terms of service and an attempt to clarify things doesn’t seem to have helped much. Well just like when Unity self destructed over the run-time fee, it’s competitors were quick to take advantage of the discord. It seems the same is going to be true with Adobe as Adobe competitor Canva/Serif have announced their suite of applications Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher are all 50% off in a flash sale.

As you can see from the announcement tweet, the reason for the flash sale is pretty clear:

It is not clear how long the flash sale will last but this is a great opportunity to pick up an excellent Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator alternative for a very cheap price. Best of all, Serif products are old school “buy once” style products with no subscription attached. One thing to be aware of however is Serif/Affinity was recently purchased by Canva, although they have since made the following pledge:

Key Links

Affinity Homepage

Affinity Designer

Affinity Photo

You can learn more about Affinity Photo and Designer and them dunking on Adobe while they are down in the video below.

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