Agama Materials — A Free Alternative to Substance Painter/Designer

Agama Materials is a free application for Windows PCs that enables you to both create procedural materials using a node based approach like Substance Painter, as well as paint on 3D models like Substance Designer. It is simply a matter of creating a material, either from existing PBR textures, or procedurally, then in the same application you can paint directly on a 3D model you import (in FBX or OBJ format). The painting aspect supports multiple textures, and you can create layers and have fine tune brush control like you would expect from a traditional 2D painting application. You can either paint directly on the 3D model, or you can paint in 2D on top of the UV map.

Unfortunately the software only works on Windows 10 PCs, additionally you need to have a Vulkan capable GPU.

Agama Materials is described as:

Agama materials is software for creating PBR materials and painting 3d models. You can create materials and use them for painting models, or you can use pre-made textures. 


  • Non-destructive workflow – you can undo any action or change resolution on the fly.
  • Simple creating of procedural materials – we already have more than 60 nodes.
  • UDIM workflow support
  • Easy export.

Key links of interest:

If you are interested in learning about other free alternatives to commercial software, check out our handy guide available here. You can check out our hands-on review and getting started tutorial in the video below. Another very similar application worth checking out is Material Maker.

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