Allegro 5.1.13 WIP Released


Allegro, a C++ based game programming library just released version 5.1.13 WIP, so I would assume the WIP tag means you can expect a few more hiccups than normal.  Allegro holds an interesting place in my heart, as it was one of the first DOS based game programming libraries I ever used.  Yes, I said DOS.  Allegro has been around for a little while…  fun fact, the guy that started Allegro eventually ended up at Microsoft where he was one of the main developers of the now defunct XNA project.


Enough trivia and reminiscing… back to the release:

Changes from 5.1.12 to 5.1.13 (January 2016)

The main developers this time were: Julian Smythe, Elias Pschernig and Peter Hull.


  • Add al_get_opengl_program_object (SiegeLord).


  • Fix spurious triggering of the mouse grab key when it wasn’t otherwise set (SiegeLord).

Android port:

  • Avoid multiple HALT/RESUME events on Android (Max Savenkov).

  • Implement al_get_monitor_info for Android (Reuben Bell).

  • Fix Android crash on file access.

  • Implement ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW on Android.

  • Fix crash if display is destroyed while the app is switched out.

  • Add support for x86_64 Android.

  • Add al_android_set_apk_fs_interface.

Linux port:

  • Allow using OpenGL ES in X11.

  • Fix the initial display size not being correct sometimes (SiegeLord).

  • Fix a race condition in the XInput joystick driver (Trent Gamblin).

OSX port:

  • Fix various memory leaks.

  • Fix al_set_window_title.

  • Fix a lot of decrepid and deprecated code.

  • Fix single buffer flip display (SiegeLord).

Windows port:

  • Fix Windows UNC path handling.

  • Fix clipboard nul-termination issues (Trent Gamblin).

  • Set the window title immediately upon window creation (SiegeLord).

Build system:

  • Define CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH for i686-w64-mingw32 cross compiler (Martijn van Iersel).

  • Allow building with older CMakes again (SiegeLord).

  • Do not catche compile tests’ failure (Bruce Pascoe).

  • Add a way to statically link the runtime with MinGW (SiegeLord).

  • Don’t link the MSVC C runtime at all when requesting a static runtime and building a static library (SiegeLord).


  • Add links to the source code of the definitions of the most API entries.

  • Fix sidebar generation with modern Pandoc (Boris Carvajal).


  • Fix ordering issue for HAPTIC* structs.

  • Fix missing ALLEGRO_PRIM_ATTR_NUM.


  • Add a ‘none’ debug level to turn off logging entirely in debug builds (SiegeLord).

  • Reconfigure logging after the configuration files are loaded (SiegeLord).

  • Fix al_set_new_window_title() off-by-1 (Bruce Pascoe).

  • Don’t call al_get_time() before system is installed (SiegeLord).

Audio addon:

  • Add al_get_default_voice and al_set_default_voice.

  • Flush the pulse audio stream rather than draining it, fixing some audio breaks (SiegeLord).

  • Fill audio stream fragments with silence in the audio addon rather than in the acodec addon, fixing some garbage output (SiegeLord).

  • Fix possible deadlock when destroying audio streams (SiegeLord).

Acodec addon:

  • Don’t read past the audio chunk’s end when streaming wav files (SiegeLord).

  • Turn off allegro_acodec dynamic loading by default, fixing a common footgun (Bruce Pascoe).

Image addon:

  • An enormous amount of work supporting reading of esoteric (and not) BMP format variants (palletted, GIMP-style, etc). New tests were added using the manual bmp suites.

Native dialog addon:

  • Update code to work with modern OSX versions.

  • Clean up menu handling on OSX.

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