Allegro 5.2.4 Released

Allegro is a venerable open source cross platform C++ game programming library with a fond place in my heart.  In fact I just recently released a Allegro Tutorial series as a bit of a trip down memory lane.  Earlier this week they released Allegro 5.2.4, a primarily fix based release.

Details of this release:


  • Fix errors when reading/writing 0 byte buffers (Bruce Pascoe).

  • Re-initialize TLS when Allegro is installed (Issue #865).

  • Add al_transform_coordinates_4d.

  • Don’t initialize the trace mutex multiple times (Issue #874).

  • Fix 3D (non-projection) transforms with al_hold_bitmap_drawing.

Raspberry Pi port:

  • Fix compilation on RPI.

Android port:

  • Remove limit on the working directory length.


  • Fix build with older Android NDKs.

  • Remove glClear hack for Android 2.1.

Linux port:

  • Make compositor bypass configurable in X11, and bypass only when fullscreen by default.

OSX port:

  • Fix a few OSX retina scaling issues (Issue #851).

Audio addon:

  • Fix ALSA lag.

  • Add an option to use the desktop window when initializing DirectSound (Issue #877).

Font addon:

  • Add support for bmfont format.

Native dialog addon:

  • Resize the display on Windows when hiding/showing the menu (Issue #860).

  • Detect when al_popup_menu fails to actually work under GTK (Issue #808).

  • Don’t clear the top-level menu when destroying the popup menu.

Build system:

  • Don’t link in libm on MSVC for DUMB (Issue #847).

  • Don’t use the LOCATION property (Issue #847).

  • Don’t use SYSTEM for DirectX includes.

  • Add hints for mingw-w64 path locations for DirectX includes/libs.

Python binding:

  • Fix the Python code-generation scripts to run under Python 2.

Lua binding:

  • Add script to generate LuaJIT C API for Allegro 5 (BQ).


  • Many improvements (Andreas Rönnquist, others)


  • Add a texture to the skybox in ex_camera.

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