Allegro.js A New JavaScript Library Inspired by Allegro


I remember using Allegro wayyyyyy back in the day in the early 1990s.  It was one of few graphics libraries available for DOS based machines (even though it started life as an Atari library) and certainly one of the only free game libraries available.  Amazingly enough Allegro is still under active development.  Anyways enough reminiscing‚Ķ  today Allegro.js was released, an HTML5 library inspired by Allegro.  For a brand new library there is already an impressive amount of documentation and reference material available.  One of the hallmarks of the Allegro library was it was brutally simple to use and Allegro.js seems to have carried on that tradition.  Here is an example Allegro app:


// bitmap oobjects  var logo,ball;    // sample object  var bounce;    // size and speed of the ball  var size=64,speed=5;    // positon of the ball  var cx=100,cy=100;    // velocity of the ball  var vx=speed,vy=speed;    // drawing function  function draw()  {     // draw allegro logo background     stretch_blit(logo,canvas,0,0,logo.w,logo.h,0,0,SCREEN_W,SCREEN_H);          // draws the ball resized to size*size, centered     // stretch it a bit vertically according to velocity     stretch_sprite(canvas,ball,cx-size/2,cy-size/2,size,size+abs(vy));  }    // update game logic  function update()  {     // did the ball bounce off the wall this turn?     var bounced=false;            // if the ball is going to collide with screen bounds     // after applying velocity, if so, reverse velocity     // and remember that it bonced     if (cx+vx>SCREEN_W-size/2) {vx=-speed;bounced=true;}     if (cy+vy>SCREEN_H-size/2) {vy=-speed*3;bounced=true;}     if (cx+vx<size/2) {vx=speed;bounced=true;}     if (cy+vy<size/2) {vy=speed;bounced=true;}             // move the ball     cx+=vx;     cy+=vy;          // if it bounced, play a sound     if (bounced) play_sample(bounce);          // add gravity     vy+=.3;  }    // entry point of our example  function main()  {     // enable debugging to console element     enable_debug("debug");          // init all subsystems, put allegro in canvas with id="canvas_id"     // make the dimesnions 640x480     allegro_init_all("canvas_id", 640, 480);          // load ball image     ball = load_bmp("data/planet.png");          // load background image     logo = load_bmp("data/allegro.png");          // load the bounce sound     bounce = load_sample("data/bounce.mp3");       // make sure everything has loaded     ready(function(){                // repeat this game loop        loop(function(){                      // clear screen           clear_to_color(canvas, makecol(255, 255, 255));             // update game logic           update();             // render everything           draw();             // all this happens 60 times per second        }, BPS_TO_TIMER(60));     });          // the end     return 0;  }  // make sure that main() gets called as soon as the wesbite has loaded  END_OF_MAIN();  


If this looks interesting to you be sure to check out Allegro.js.  It looks like a cool library, based on another cool library, just waiting for a community to form around it.

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