AlterMesh — Unreal Engine Plugin For Blender Geometry Node Support

AlterMesh is a new plugin for the Unreal game engine that enables you to use Geometry Node functionality in Blender directly in UE4. AlterMesh is still in early access release and there is a free indie version available, as well as a professional version for $99. AlterMesh is implemented as a Unreal plugin that adds direct support for .blend files in Unreal Engine as well as nicely integrating with Blueprints.

Feature of AlterMesh include:

  • Use Geometry Nodes in Unreal Engine
  • Real-time preview
  • Use Blueprints as geometry node inputs
  • Integrated with Unreal Engine instancing and foliage
  • Set geometry node parameters programmatically
  • Documents, tutorials and examples

Key links

AlterMesh Homepage

Gumroad Free Download

Gumroad Pro Store Page

Blender Samples (Including Geometry Node Samples)

You can learn more about AlterMesh geometry node support in Unreal Engine and see it in action in the video below.

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