Amazon Lumberyard 1.27 Released

Just two months after the previous release with the updated UI 2.0 and an improved installation process, Lumberyard 1.27 was recently released. Lumberyard is derived from CryEngine and is free to use so long as you use Amazon services (or host your own) for your online component. Yes, that means if you are creating a single player only game, Lumberyard is completely free to use. In this release the new 2.0 and object selection mode are now the defaults greatly improving the user experience. Other improvements in Lumberyard 1.27 include:

  • UI 2.0 General Availability – including more than 75 bug fixes and improvements.
  • NVIDIA Blast Support
    • With Python Asset Builder support to help you create more complicated and expressive KA-BOOMs!
  • Advanced features for NVIDIA Cloth, including complex cloth mesh support and constraints, and performance improvements
  • PhysX is replacing CryPhysics as our physics engine
  • New Gem updates to enhance the Twitch ChatPlay experience
  • Dynamic Content Gem (Cloud Canvas) versioning support
  • Project Configurator – If you have both Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019 enabled in the Setup Assistant, you will now be asked which compiler to use when you rebuild your project.

The Lumberyard 1.27 blog post is available here while more comprehensive release notes are available here. Lumberyard can be download for Windows machines here and the source code is available on GitHub. Please note this is NOT an open source project, simply source available. If you want to see the new UI in action, check out Lumberyard 1.27 in the video below.

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