AMD Release OpenVX


As part of their recently launched GPUOpen collection, AMD have released a beta preview open source implementation of Khronos OpenVX.  OpenVX is an API for computer vision.


Features from this release:


  • The code is highly optimized for both x86 CPU and OpenCL for GPU
  • Supported hardware spans the range from low power embedded APUs (like the new G series) to laptop, desktop and workstation graphics
  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Includes a “graph optimizer” that looks at the entire processing pipeline and removes/replaces/merges functions to improve performance and minimize bandwidth at runtime
  • Scripting support allows for rapid prototyping, without re-compiling at production performance levels
  • Interoperates with the popular (open source library) OpenCV

The current release version is 0.9 (beta preview).

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