AMD Release V-EZ Library To Make Vulkan Development Easier

AMD have just released V-EZ, a library aimed at making Vulkan graphics development easier by handling much of the complexities for you.  The V-EZ library is available for Windows and Linux and should work on all GPUs, not just AMD’s.  V-EZ abstracts away the following components of Vulkan development:

  • Memory management

  • Swapchain management

  • Render Passes

  • Pipeline permutations

  • Pipeline layouts

  • Pipeline barriers

  • Descriptor pools

  • Descriptor sets

  • Descriptor set layouts

  • Image layouts

  • GLSL compilation

The library is hosted on GitHub available here.  There is complete documentation available here.  Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be a license attached to the source code, so I am not sure what open source license this was released under.

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