animato — A New Community for Animators

There is a new community for animators to share their reels, shorts, jobs and rigs in the form of animato. Started by two veteran Blender members, animato is described as:

Animato is a tribute to the animation community worldwide. It is inspired by the popularity of art-focused platforms such as ArtStation, and by the simplicity of social media like Instagram, but with a special focus on animation.

Why making yet another social network? The main reason is to provide the animators community with a place to share their work, know each other, and benefit from useful features tailored for animation (for example, the video player allows frame stepping, the animation-focused jobs board, the reels theater, etc).

As long as it operates, Animato will always be free for users who want to share their work. We don’t like ads, so we plan to monetize the platform by offering paid job postings or something along those lines in the future. Nothing should get in the way of the artist’s experience.

Animato means “animated” in Italian, and it sounded like a fun name. 

We are Pablo and Francesco, we work as animation producer and 3D artist at a small studio in Amsterdam.

For any enquiry, reach out to us at [email protected].

You can access animato at and signing up is free. You can learn more about animato in the video below.

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