Announcing the game development math tutorial series


One of the most difficult concepts that new developers have to deal with is math.  As you may have noticed, i’ve been publishing a series of game math recipes over the past week or so.  I have now officially compiled them together into a single (static) page.  You can reach the table of contents here.


Right now there are recipes for:

  • Rotating to face a point
  • Rotating one object around another
  • Velocity and angular velocity
  • Axis aligned bounding box – Intersections
  • Axis aligned bounding box – Rotation



For each recipe, there is full source code, a running example and a description of what is happening.


I have other idea’s for math related recipes to add to this series, but of course I am open to suggestions.  If there is a particular topic you would like to see covered, post a comment in this thread.


So, if you are interested, go check it out.


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