Announcing the Moai game development tutorial series


So, it might be obvious by the fact the last five posts have all been Moai related…  Well, I have embarked on a Moai tutorial series.


This series is meant to make the very professional oriented Moai SDK more accessible to all developers.  There isn’t a glut of information out there, so I have decided to create this tutorial series.  It is *very* conversational and if you have prior game programming experience you may roll your eyes at some of the detail I go into.  If you are new though, hopefully this information is a godsend.



Anyways, as you can see if you look below this post, there are 4 posts already.  One on setting up the IDE, a simple hello world/setup post, then two “official” tutorials, one on creating a window/app and one on displaying a sprite.  More of course are coming soon.



Here then is the table of contents.  I will add it to the main navigation of this site shortly.


Enjoy, and of course, feedback always appreciated.

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