Any interest in an HTML 5 RPG tutorial series?


I am just thinking about what project I want to embark on next and this is one currently in my head.  I am going to continue focusing on creating PlayStation Suite SDK tutorials but as a sideHTML-5-Logo project I am starting to think about creating a Massively Single Player Offline Role Playing Game ( MSPORPG! ) tutorial series.


It seems that, like it or not, HTML5 is going to only become more and more important to game development.  Therefore it is an area I have some interested in personally learning more about.  I have prior Javascript and HTML experience, as well as more recent Node and Appcelerator experience, but as a gaming platform it will all be new to me, which is kind of fun. Also I grew up on CRPGs, games like Ultima and the old AD&D Gold Box games are the reason I am a gamer, so I have always wanted to make a simple RPG.  With the recent releases ( and success ) of Dungeons of Dredmor and Legend of Grimrock, it’s obvious that the old school role playing games are still popular.



So I ask you all, would you be interested in a series of tutorials covering a) HTML5 gaming b) making an RPG?  Again, this would be in addition to the regular tutorials/topics I cover.


So… interested?

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