AppGameKit 2018.05.24 Released

AppGameKit 2018.05.24 was just released.  AppGameKit is a cross platform game development kit targetted at indie and casual developers.  One very nice feature of AppGameKit is the two versions of the framework available, a higher level Basic like language full an integrated editor for newer developers as well as a lower level C/C++ imageinterface with the same functionality.  If you want to learn more about AGK be sure to check out our closer look review available here.  The 2018.05.24 release contains primarily fixes, although some new functionality exists.

Details of the release from the release notes:

  • Fixed short touch events near the top and bottom of the screen on iOS 11 not registering as a pointer event
  • Fixed SetSpeechLangauge causing a crash on iOS
2D Animation
  • Fixed Spriter files causing a corrupt animation if the bones are out of order
  • Spriter import now supports bone hierarchy changes during animation, however tweening between two animations with different hierarchies will cause momentary distortion
  • Fixed DeleteFont crashing if LoadFont failed to load the font
  • Fixed 3D animations becoming corrupt if a bone didn’t have a keyframe near the animation end time
  • Fixed transparency mode 2 (additive) on 3D objects not working properly with fog turned on
  • Fixed objects or terrains with over 65536 vertices per mesh causing a crash on iOS, and invalid polygons on other platforms
  • Fixed setting the sprite shape to circle after SetSpriteScale causing the shape to be the incorrect size
  • Fixed using the sprite shape commands to change an individual shape causing the other shapes to be deleted
  • Fixed RequestPermission generating a permission not found error
  • Fixed Ouya export causing an error when trying to load the Ouya image
  • Added more DirectInput device types to list of recognised devices that can be used as AGK joysticks, e.g. flight controllers
  • Fixed GetDeviceID on Windows sometimes returning different values for the same device

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