AppGameKit 2018.12.12 Released

A new version of AppGameKit was just released today, the logically named 2018.12.12 release.  This release is primarily composed of bug fixes and minor improvements detailed below.  If you are interested in learning more about AppGameKit be sure to check out our somewhat aging Closer Look at AppGameKit for an idea of how this framework works.  Since that was released, AppGameKit has gained a great deal of functionality including AR support, that we demonstrate in this video.

New features and improvements from the 2018.12.12 release:

New Features

  • Added support for animated GIF images with the LoadImage command!
  • Added GetRawJoystickName to return the OS assigned name for a joystick on Windows and Linux
  • Added PlayYoutubeVideo for iOS and Android to play the video in a popup, desktop platforms will open the browser to play it
  • Added ShareFile command for iOs and Android


  • Fixed cloud data commands on Android sometimes failing to connect to Google Drive
  • Fixed iOS export with a blank Universal Link field causing the IDE to crash
  • Fixed retina display on Mac causing AppGameKit apps to render in the lower left corner of the window
  • Fixed IPAs exported from the IDE causing errors about transparent icons during upload to iTunesConnect
  • Fixed warning about iOS spash screen being stretched when it was actually fine
  • Increased Android keystore generator certificate validity from 10,000 days to 20,000 days for Google Play store changes
  • Fixed crash when loading a Spirter file that contains an image without a bone parent
  • Fixed Amazon IAP causing a crash at startup

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