AppGameKit V2018.10.10 Released

Today AppGameKit 2018.10.10 was released with several new commands added to the cross platform game framework.  AppGameKit is an interested game development framework that exists in two tiers, a lower level C API and a higher level easier to use framework built on top of it.  You can learn more about AppGameKit from our earlier Closer Look game engine review.

Details of the 2018.10.10 release:


  • Added GetCharBuffer and GetCharBufferLength to return any text entered on physical keyboards since then command was last called
  • Add GetRawJoystickSlider and GetRawJoystickPOV to support additional features on joysticks
  • Increased the number of joystick buttons to 64
  • Added support for more keyboard keys on Windows and Linux, including left/right shift/ctrl/alt keys and distinguishing between numpad and top row number keys
  • Updated the scan code list at for the new list of keys

Edit Boxes

  • Fixed edit boxes flickering if the edit box width was less than the width of two characters


  • Added CopyNetworkMessage command to copy a network message so that it can be resent
  • Changed GetInternetState on iOS to better detect the lack of network connectivity


  • Fixed audio failing to play on some iOS devices after sleeping the device with a magnetic cover
  • Fixed sounds on iOS sometimes failing to play if the app is sent to the background and then resumed


  • Fixed some 3DS models failing to load on ARM devices

Push Notifications

  • Fixed GetPushNotificationToken sometimes returning an empty string on Android, you will now need to call SetPushNotificationKeys for it to work

File I/O

  • Fixed OpenToWrite on Android failing to create the necessary folders on some devices and failing to create the file


  • Fixed GetHTTPFile on Android failing to create the necessary folders on some devices and failing to create the file
  • Fixed GetHTTPFile failing to save the file if SetFolder is used whilst it is running


  • Fixed installing new versions of AGK over old versions on Windows causing APK export errors
  • Fixed APK export sometimes not parsing the Firebase JSON file correct


  • Fixed GetDeviceID on Android sometimes returning an empty string

Deep Linking

  • Added the option to add a URL scheme during Android and iOS export, so that the exported app can be opened by a browser link
  • Added GetURLSchemeText to return the URL used to open the app on Android and iOS, if any


  • Changed sprite and text scissors to allow one dimension to be 0 in size and still be a valid scissor

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