Apple Sues Epic Games

The ongoing saga of Epic Games vs Apple continues today with yet another lawsuit. First a quick recap of how we got here.

  • August 14th Epic Games update Fortnite to include a new IAP (in-app purchase) option where you can buy VBucks from Epic as well as using the Apple App Store.
  • Apple respond immediately by pulling Fortnite from the App Store
  • Epic Games respond with a pre-prepared lawsuit
  • August 17th, Apple respond by revoking Epic Games development keys, making future Unreal Engine support impossible among other things.
  • Epic appeal for an injunction, which on August 25th, a Judge grants, staying the revocation of Epics development keys, stating Apple cannot attack Unreal Engine users.

Now that we are up to date, that leads us to today, where Apple have filed suit against Epic Games.

Epic fired the first shot in this dispute, and its willful, brazen, and unlawful conduct cannot be left unchecked. Neither Mr. Sweeney’s self-righteous (and self-interested) demands nor the scale of Epic’s business can justify Epic’s deliberate contractual breaches, its tortious conduct, or its unfair business practices. This Court should hold Epic to its contractual promises, award Apple compensatory and punitive damages, and enjoin Epic from engaging in further unfair business practices.

In a related move Google filed documents with the courts in an effort to get it’s lawsuit separated from the Apple vs Epic Games case. Learn more about all of the ongoing court drama and it’s impact on game developers in the video below.

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