Arrow — Game Narrative Design Tool

Arrow is a new free open source game narrative design tool built on-top of the Godot game engine. Arrow is available on GitHub under the MIT open source license. You can use Arrow to model game narratives, to create nonlinear interactive story telling and you can even export to the web and run it as a text adventure.

Key features of Arrow include:

  • 100% Visual Development
  • Free as in Freedom: No royalty, no strings attached
  • Customizable Node System
  • Adequate number of Built-in Node-types including:
    • Content,
    • Dialog,
    • Conditional,
    • Variable Modifier,
    • User Input,
    • Macro (reusables,)
    • and more.
  • One-Click Playable Export
  • JSON Export and Import
  • VCS Friendly

Pre-built binaries are available for Windows and Linux here. You can learn more about the Arrow narrative design tool and see it in action in the video below.

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