Articy:Draft 3 New Free Edition

Articy:Draft 3 is a unique and powerful game design tool (we covered all the way back in 2016) that recently released a very robust free version. Articy:Draft can perhaps best be thought of as a hybrid of Microsoft Project/Visio specifically for game developers. It can be used to model gameplay flow as well as conversations, inventory, characters and more. Better yet, there are plugins for popular game engines including Unreal Engine and Unity, enabling you to use Articy:Draft 3 as a data management tool of sorts, where game designers define properties in Articy, which programmers can that access in the game engine.

There is now a new free version, which is feature complete with limitations being the complexity of your project:

With articy:draft 3 FREE you can explore all your ideas at your own pace. The FREE version has the same features as the paid Single User versions and includes 660 FREE objects for each project, more than enough for you to get started right away.


articy:draft 3 free is a standalone version that you can use forever. With no expiration date or time limits, you can take your time learning the software and progress your project at your own pace.


What you see is what you get: articy:draft 3 FREE has the same set of features as any of the paid single user versions. There’s no one right way to create an interactive story, with a all the features at your disposal, you can explore and experiment to find the best workflow that works for you.


Have several ideas and not sure where to start? With unlimited projects you can explore all your ideas until you find the one that wins your heart and will become your next project. 660 objects are included absolutely FREE for each of your projects to get you started right away.


articy:draft 3 FREE is also free for commercial use. No royalties, you are free to use it for anything you want.

Key Links

Articy:Draft Homepage

Free Version

You can learn more about Articy:Draft 3, the new free edition and see it in action in the video below.

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