articy:draft Importer Plugin For Unreal Engine Released

articy:draft is unique product for game developers to design and implement game details such as application flow, game inventory and character dialog trees.  They have recently released a plugin enabling you to use your articy:draft data directly in Unreal engine.  It is available for download here on Github.  Keep in mind this is a work in progress release, so not all features may be implemented, or you may encounter bugs.

From the github page:


We release our current progress for the plugin as a github open source project in the hopes that this will give you a substantial headstart into incorporating your articy:draft data into your unreal project while still give you enough flexibility to adjust the plugin to your needs. We also would love to hear about suggestions or even better for you to directly contribute to the development of the plugin.


While this is not meant as a full product release, it is still considered a working foundation for integrating your articy:draft content into your unreal engine project. So you can expect the following features including but not limited to:

  • Everything accessible via C++ and Blueprint
  • Flow player for automatic configurable flow traversal as an actor component
  • Automatic import
  • Database with your project data. Excluding Journeys, Settings, Template constraints
  • Uses of unreal engines localization

If you are interested in learning more about articy:draft, we previously featured it in our ongoing GameDev Toolbox series.  The video is available here and embedded below.

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