Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bundle

Humble have launched a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, this one is the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning bundle, a collection of e-books from Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

As with all Humble Bundles it is split into tiers:

1$ Tier

· Human Computation

· Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce

· Essentials of Game Theory: A Concise Multidisciplinary Introduction

8$ Tier

· Introduction to Intelligent Systems in Traffic and Transportation

· Metric Learning

· Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence: Logic, Probability, and Computation

· Data Management in Machine Learning Systems

· Natural Language Processing for Social Media, Second Edition

· Covariances in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

15$ Tier

· Introduction to Semi-Supervised Learning

· Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning

· Active Learning

· Adversarial Machine Learning

· Lifelong Machine Learning, Second Edition

· Detecting Fake News on Social Media

· Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

· Neural Network Methods for Natural Language Processing

· Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems

· A Guide to Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision

With Humble Bundles you can decide how your money is allocated, between Humble, charity, the publisher and (thanks so much if you do!) to support GFS if you purchase using this link. Learn more about the bundle in the video below.

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