Aseprite Importer for Unity

The Unity just got an importer for the popular Aseprite pixel editor’s file format, ase. Aseprite is a long running and very popular sprite editing package (we first covered all the way in 2017). It is available for a relatively low price of $20, although it’s possible to get it for free if you are willing to build it yourself from source code.

Features of the Unity Aseprite Importer include:

File formats

  • .ase & .aseprite
  • Color modes (All modes are supported)
    • RGBA
    • Grayscale
    • Indexed

Layer settings

  • Visible/Hidden layer
    • Hidden layers are by default not imported. This can be changed by checking “Include hidden layers” in the import settings.
  • Linked Cells
  • Tags
    • Note: Only Animation Direction: Forward is supported.

Key Links

Aseprite Documentation

Install Instructions (Reddit)

Aseprite Homepage

Aseprite Steam

Sprite Example From Video

You can learn more about the Aseprite Importer for Unity in the video below.

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