Atomic Game Engine Build 3 Released


There has been a new release of the Atomic Game Engine, build 3.  The Atomic Game Engine is an open source 2D/3D game engine written in C++ but scriptable using TypeScript, JavaScript and C#.  We featured the Atomic Game Engine in the closer look series, shortly before it became open source.  Primary features of the Atomic Build 3 are:

Atomic Build 3 Highlights
  • Profiling – Added Object memory profiling and metrics subsystem
  • C# – CSComponent inspector support for dynamic/fixed size array members
  • Player – Player subsystem Scene handling improvements
  • Editor – Inspector now displays whether a script is implemented in JS, TS, or C#
  • Wiki – Many additions and improvements to the Atomic Wiki!
  • Script – Exposed VariantVector, Frustum, PackageFile, and UI::CycleDebugHudMode to script
  • Script – Improvements to ScriptVector and ScriptVariant
  • TypeScript – Updated to use generated native enum values
  • TypeScript – Constants converted to enums where possible
  • Platform – Added additional SDL key mappings
  • Editor – Project load/save now remembers the last folder used
  • Editor – Updated Welcome screen and help menu with new Atomic Support forums
  • Linux – Fixed issue with Pulse audio CPU usage and possible black screen
  • C# – Fixed issue with custom C# script events
  • C# – Fixed issue with reparenting C# nodes and component updates
  • Editor – Fixed issue with multiple selected resource tabs
  • Editor – Improved contrast on example language toggle button states
  • ToolCore – Fixed issues with JSONFile::GetRoot in assets
  • Deployment – Removed some UI psd assets that were in deployment

In addition to more details about the release you can learn more about what’s going on at Thunderbeast games by reading the complete blog entry.

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