Awe6 framework release 2.0.572RC. Now supporting Haxe 3 and OpenFL


I took a look at the Awe6 inverted game framework a couple months back and was quite impressed.  Shortly after I decided to go with Haxe the NME project announced the rebranding to OpenFL and move to Haxe 3, something I looked upon with some doom and gloom.  Fortunately it’s not that bad after all.  A couple days ago, Awe6 announced a new release supporting OpenFL and Haxe 3, among other things.


From the release notes:


RC 2,0,572


Major release, some breaking changes. Includes:

  • Haxe 3 compatible (refactor to new syntax and conventions)
  • NME drivers replaced with OpenFL drivers
  • Optional paramaters refactored (Floats, Ints, Bools made non-nullable)
  • Run script NME references replaced with OpenFL references
  • FlashDevelop templates updated for above
  • API docs not yet revised, due to chxdoc compatibility


Good news and good work.


So, I guess I have to eat some crow about the move to OpenFL.  At this point in time, Aw6, Flixel and Haxepunk are all compatible with OpenFL.  So it appears the move hasn’t fragmented the landscape as much as I expected.

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