Awesome Free GameDev Stuff Vol 1

Welcome to a new series here on GameFromScratch, the Awesome Free GameDev Stuff is a quick look at recently released free game development tools and assets. Specifically we are covering free stuff relevant to game developers that aren’t quite big enough to cover in a 5-10min format video.

For volume 1, we feature:

MAWI Free Unreal Engine Environment Packs

UE developer MAWI just released two of their most popular environmental asset packs for free. Normally close to $300USD each, this represents a huge savings. The packs are MW Broadleaf Tree Forest Biome and MW Conifer Tree Forest Biome for creating realistic forest environments. is a new Stable Diffusion AI powered repository for downloading and sharing AI generated textures, created by fellow YouTuber Samyam. Generate seamless textures without the pesky work part!

Defold Engine Free Nintendo Switch Support

The Defold Engine is a very cool Lua powered battle tested 2D game engine (learn more here) and they just announced that Nintendo Switch platform support is now free! Granted source code access to the Switch specific stuff still requires a subscription, but most developers will not need that.

Ridiculous Code for Godot

Find coding kinda boring? Well if you are a Godot engine developer and install Ridiculous Code, you wont anymore! Do be aware you need to configure a Code Font in the Godot editor for it to work correctly… at least, I had to. This is for Godot 3.x, but hopefully we will see a Godot 4 port someday.

That is the first volume 1 of Awesome Free GameDev Stuff. If you have suggestions for future entries, be sure to let me know on the Discord server, or in the comments of the video below.

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