AWS For Games At GDC — Cloud Game Development, GameSparks, GameKit and More

Today at GDC22 Amazon have made several announcements around AWS for Games, including the new Gamesparks & GameKit SDKs as well as new details on remote on-demand streamed game development options for cloud based game development.


A fully managed game backend-as-a-service launching in preview that provides the tools to simplify backend development. Developers can add the Amazon GameSparks SDK to game clients and create, customize, and deploy pre-built backend game features such as authentication, player messaging, managed player data, or create custom game features by writing server code. Amazon GameSparks is available today in public preview in the US East Region (N. Virginia).


An open-source solution that enables game developers to add cloud-based game features with AWS Well-Architected backend solutions and retain the full ability to customize them directly from their game engine. AWS GameKit is launching with four features – Identity and Authentication, User Gameplay Data, Achievements, Game State Cloud Saving. AWS GameKit is available for Unreal Engine integration today in 17 AWS Regions where applicable, dependent on the availability of the underlying AWS services powering the game features.

Cloud Game Development:

Game studios often spend large amounts of time setting up flexible, secure, low-latency infrastructure to support remote and distributed development teams. With Cloud Game Development solutions, developers can create flexible, remote studios and deploy GPU-powered workstations allowing artists and designers to work on multiple large files in the cloud. These solutions also enable studios to build distributed development pipelines reducing the security risk of distributed hardware and intellectual property across remote employee environments, while using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Mac instances to build and test iOS and macOS games.

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You can learn more about all of the AWS for Games new SDKs and Cloud Game Development announcement in the video below.

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