Babylon.JS 4.2 Game Engine Released

Babylon.js, the open source 3D web based game engine, just released version 4.2 with a ton of new features and tools. Key features of the 4.2 release include:

  • New particle editor for direct creation of particle systems in the Inspector
New Node System in Babylon.js
  • new Sprite Editor built into the Inspector to create, control and save sprites
  • new Skeleton viewer to visual bones and bone weights in Inspector
  • texture inspector for debugging texture issues
  • PBR support in the Node material editor with access to metallic, roughness, clearcoat, sheen etc when creating materials
  • new Procedural Texture, Particle Shader, Post Processing modes added to the Node editor
  • reusable frames in Node Material editor, enabling you to reuse shader code between projects easily
  • playground templates, essentially quick access code snippets in the code editor using Ctrl+Space
  • direct support for pre-filtered .hdr files
  • support for React Native for creating native applications
  • KTX + Basis U texture compression support
  • much, much more

You can learn more about the release in this article here or by watching the video below. Babylon.js is an open source project under the Apache 2 license with the source code available on GitHub. If you are interested in learning more about Babylon, be sure to check out our older Babylon.js tutorial series.

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