Bandai Namco Free Motion Capture Library

Bandai Namco Research have just released a gigantic free repository of motion capture data in BVH format. Additionally they have released a free and open source Blender plugin for visualizing motion capture data.

Details of the motion capture library release:

There is a long-standing interest in making diverse stylized motions for games and movies that pursue realistic and expressive character animation; however, creating new movements that include all the various styles of expression using existing methods is difficult. Due to this, Motion Style Transfer (MST) has been drawing attention recently, which aims to convert the motion in a clip with a given content into another motion in a different style, while keeping the same content. A motion is composed of a content and style, where content is the base of the motion and style comprises of the attributes such as mood and personality of the character tied to the motion.

The datasets contain a diverse range of contents such as daily activities, fighting, and dancing; with styles such as active, tired, and happy. These can be used as training data for MST models. The animation below shows examples of visualized motions.

Currently, two datasets are available in this repository and are both located under the dataset directory.

  • Bandai-Namco-Research-Motiondataset-1 (Details)
    • 17 types of wide-range contents including daily activities, fighting, and dancing.
    • 15 styles that include expression variety.
    • A total of 36,673 frames.
  • Bandai-Namco-Research-Motiondataset-2 (Details)
    • 10 types of content mainly focusing on locomotion and hand actions.
    • 7 styles that use a single, uniform expression.
    • A total of 384,931 frames.

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Bandai Namco Research Motion Capture Data

Open Source License

It is important to realize these assets are released under a non-commercial license! You can learn more about the Bandai Namco motion capture data library in the video below.

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