Beef 0.42.7 Released

Beef is a new open source cross platform programming languages that attempts to take C#-like syntax and giving it performance similar to C++ including manual memory management. Beef is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and includes a custom IDE. The 0.42.7 release adds the following new features:

  • Dynamic boxing from System.Variant
  • decltype(val).MemberName expressions
  • Scope moved outward for ‘out’ variable declaration
  • Improvements to unassigned variable detection
  • Added explicit “Test” project type
  • Reflected interface method dispatch
  • Interface filtering for distinct build options
  • IDE file recovery after crash/power loss
  • Better handling of merge conflict markers in source code

If you want to check out Beef, their is an installer/binaries available for Windows platforms here. On other platforms Beef can be built from source, the source code is hosted on GitHub under the MIT open source license. Earlier in the year we checked out an earlier version of the Beef language and IDE, as you can see in the video below.

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