Bevy 0.10 — Rust Powered Game Engine

Bevy, the free and open source data driven Rust powered 2D/3D game engine, just released Bevy 0.10. This is the first release since Bevy 0.9 in November of 2022 and it brings a host of new features.

Features in the Bevy 0.10 release include:

  • ECS Schedule v3: Bevy now has much simpler, more flexible scheduling. Systems are now stored in a unified schedule, commands can be applied explicitly via apply_system_buffers, and a whole lot of quality of life and bug fixes.
  • Cascaded Shadow Maps: Higher quality shadow maps that cover larger distances, where the quality follows the camera.
  • Environment Map Lighting: 360 degree ambient image based lighting that can cheaply and drastically improve the visual quality of a scene.
  • Depth and Normal Prepass: Render depth and normal textures for a scene prior to the main pass, enabling new effects and (in some cases) improved performance. Shadow mapping uses the prepass shaders, which enables transparent textures to cast shadows.
  • Smooth Skeletal Animation Transitions: Smoothly transition between two skeletal animations playing at the same time!
  • Improved Android Support: Bevy now works out of the box on more Android devices (with a couple of caveats)
  • Revamped Bloom: Bloom now looks better, is easier to control, and has fewer visual artifacts.
  • Distance and Atmospheric Fog: Add depth and ambiance to your scene with 3D distance and atmospheric fog effects!
  • StandardMaterial Blend Modes: Achieve a variety of interesting effects with more PBR material blend modes.
  • More Tonemapping Choices: Choose one of 7 popular tonemapping algorithms for your HDR scenes to achieve the visual style you are looking for.
  • Color Grading: Control per-camera exposure, gamma, “pre-tonemapping saturation”, and “post-tonemapping saturation”.
  • Parallel Pipelined Rendering: App logic and render logic now run in parallel automatically, yielding significant performance wins.
  • Windows as Entities: Windows are now represented as entities instead of resources, improving the user experience and unlocking new scenarios.
  • Renderer Optimizations: We spent a ton of effort optimizing the renderer this cycle. Bevy’s renderer is snappier than ever!
  • ECS Optimizations: Likewise, we’ve turbocharged many common ECS operations. Bevy apps get a nice speed boost!

Key Links

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You can learn more about the 0.10 of the Rust programming language powered Bevy open source game engine in the video below.

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