BEVY 0.5 Rust Game Engine Released

BEVY is an open source cross platform rust game engine/framework that we previously covered last year. BEVY is a light weight data oriented ECS driven game engine written in and for the Rust programming language. A new release of Bevy, version 0.5 is now available.

Design goals of BEVY include:

  • Capable: Offer a complete 2D and 3D feature set
  • Simple: Easy for newbies to pick up, but infinitely flexible for power users
  • Data Focused: Data-oriented architecture using the Entity Component System paradigm
  • Modular: Use only what you need. Replace what you don’t like
  • Fast: App logic should run quickly, and when possible, in parallel
  • Productive: Changes should compile quickly … waiting isn’t fun

Bevy just released version 0.5 with major changes, especially to the underlying ECS system. This release included some breaking changes from the 0.4 release, so there is a migration guide available here for existing users.

More details of Bevy are available on their website here. The project is open source under the MIT open source license with the source code hosted on GitHub. If you are interested in learning more about Bevy you can check out Awesome Bevy a large collection of Bevy resources. For beginners the Bevy Book is a great place to start. You can learn more about Bevy for Rust and the 0.5 release in the video below.

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