Bevy 0.7 Released

Following up on the Bevy 0.6 release back in January, Bevy 0.7 was just released. Bevy is a data oriented ECS driven game 2D/3D game engine using the Rust programming language. The 0.7 release adds several new features including skinned animation support, GLTF animation importing and more.

Features of Bevy 0.7:

  • Skeletal animation and mesh skinning
  • GLTF animation importing
  • Unlimited* point lights in a scene
  • Improved clustered forward rendering: dynamic/adaptive clustering and faster, more accurate cluster assignment
  • Compressed texture support (KTX2 / DDS / .basis): load more textures in a scene, faster
  • Compute shader / pipeline specialization: Bevy’s flexible shader system was ported to compute shaders, enabling hot reloading, shader defs, and shader imports
  • Render to texture: cameras can now be configured to render to a texture instead of a window
  • Flexible mesh vertex layouts in shaders
  • ECS improvements: Order systems using their names, Query::many_mut, use conflicting parameters in systems via ParamSets, WorldQuery derives
  • Documentation improvements: better examples, more doc tests and more coverage
  • More audio control: pause, volume, speed, and looping
  • Power usage options to enable only updating Bevy Apps when input occurs

Key Links

Bevy Engine Homepage

Release Notes

GitHub Page

Discord Server

You can learn more about the Rust powered Bevy Game engine 0.7 release in the video below.

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