Bevy Rust Game Framework Release Version 0.6

It has been almost a year since Bevy 0.5 was released so the just released Bevy 0.6 is quite full of new features. The headline new item in Bevy 0.6 is the all new renderer. Bevy is an open source Rust based framework covering all aspects of creating 2D and 3D games using a data driven and ECS based approach.

Key features of Bevy 0.6 include:

  • A brand new modern renderer that is prettier, faster, and simpler to extend
  • Directional and point light shadows
  • Clustered forward rendering
  • Frustum culling
  • Significantly faster sprite rendering with less boilerplate
  • Native WebGL2 support. You can test this out by running the Bevy Examples in your browser!
  • High level custom Materials
  • More powerful shaders: preprocessors, imports, WGSL support
  • Bevy ECS ergonomics and performance improvements. No more .system()!

Of course this is just the TL;DR version of the Bevy 0.6 release notes, you can learn a WHOLE LOT more in the complete release notes. If you are an existing Bevy user, please be aware that there are some breaking changes and you should also check out the Bevy migration guide.

Key Links

Bevy 0.6 Full Release Notes

Bevy 0.5 to 0.6 Migration Guide

Bevy Homepage

Bevy GitHub Page

You can learn more about Bevy framework and more details on this release and more in the video below.

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