Blender 2.6.4 release candidate 2 released today


Just last week I announced the release of Blender 2.64 RC 1, well it appears that 2.64 wasn’t quite ready for prime time, as there is now another release candidate.


Since this is a second release candidate, I assume there is no new functionality ( the release notes are shared with the last RC, so it is difficult to tell what has changed ), however the bug fixes list is rather large, so I assume this is largely a bug fix release. 


However, I don’t recall this portion being in the prior release notes, so perhaps it is new:

Mask Editor

Blender2.64 mask.png

Masks can now be created in the image and movie clip editor. They can be used in compositing to define areas of influence for nodes, block out unwanted objects, or help with green screen keying among other things. A mask datablock was added, consisting of splines that can be drawn and edited with the usual tools. Feathering can be controlled per spline point. Animation of these masks is possible with standard keyframing and drivers, but also by following motion tracks and parenting to other masks.



Regardless to what exactly has changed, if you are interested, you can download the release candidate from this page.  Or of course, you could just wait for the final release next week… but what fun is waiting??  I love new software releases, it’s like mini-Christmas!

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