Blender 2.66a released.

Pretty much just a bug fix release:



  • Fix #34357: Image editor scope and clip editor track preview did not resize properly with different DPI settings. (r54760)
  • Fix #33466: Alt+MouseWheel changes frame as well as buttons (r54929)
  • Fix UI/DPI: user preferences window size now takes into account DPI, otherwise the buttons don’t fit properly. (r54945)
  • Fix soft shadow at top edge incorrectly drawn (r54954)
  • Fix #34418: Screencast could be started twice (r54961)
  • Fix #34509: Panel color were not updated from old files properly (r54996)
  • Allow trackpad and magic mouse swipes to control brush size for circle select. (r55027)
  • Fix (regression) #34391: Window position not saving correctly for next start-up (r54879)
  • Fix #34390: quicktime video codec menu showing blank (r54942)



  • Fix #34378: GLSL materials using multiple UV layers fail in editmode (r54783)
  • Fix #34347: View3D Mini-Axis drawing in error with overlay (r54789)
  • Fix #34426: Manipulator handles drawn incorrectly by depth (r54923)
  • Fix glitch rotating the camera in camera mode drawing helper-line in random locations (r54928)



  • Fix zoom for graph-editor (and other editors) (r54910)



  • Fix #34439: Strip modifier – Mask multiply failure (r54901)
  • Fix #34453: Added RGBA|RGB channels toggle to sequencer preview (r54904)
  • Fix sequencer crash when pasteing strips after creating new file (r54935)



  • Fix #34356: Inputs list in file output doesn’t appear properly. (r54754)
  • Fix #34359: Crash when using image output node (r54746)
  • Fix #34474: "Record Composite" image op segfaults in compositor code (r54948)
  • Fix #34461: Inconsistent behavior of "Color Mix Node" and "Alpha Over Node" (r54960)
  • Fix #34507: Adding reroute node into invalid links would crash the compositor (r55047)



  • Fix memory leak when loading multilayer EXR as movie clip (r54934)
  • Fix for incorrect subpixel precision of marker when using track offset (r55028)



  • Fix #34351: Displacement map Bake margin does not work (r54748)
  • Fix #34436: Node editor delete texture crash (r54908)
  • Fix #34493: Image Sequence texture didn’t allow "Offset" with fcurves. (r55012)
  • Fix #34475: Weird noise bug with Texture nodes (r55021)
  • Fix for texture preview render with show alpha enabled (r55026)
  • Fix image transparency backwards compatibility. Now the texture datablock has a ‘Use Alpha’ option again. (r55022)


Render (Cycles)

  • Fix #34421: viewport render stuck with no objects in the scene. (r54885)
  • Fix #34480: hair render in dupligroup did hide the emitter properly in some cases. (r54959)



  • Fix #34358: Shrinkwrap modifier project along normal did not work correctly (r54793)
  • Fix #34369: applying screw modifier turns object to black (r55004)



  • Fix #34384: Border select in UV Image window crashed (r54816)
  • Fix for weight paint using values over 1.0 when blending (r54833)
  • Fix for regression in ‘object.shape_key_transfer’ operator since BMesh merge (r54834)
  • Fix #34415: Edge slide results in segmentation fault on certain mesh (r54875)
  • Fix #34455: Origin to Center of Mass is missing in menu Object > Transform (r54891)
  • Fix selecting linked faces (r54920 r54921)
  • Fix #34366: mesh.select_mode operator could not be configure the use_extend and use_expand properly. (r54944)
  • fix #34486: Selection of bones in armature edit mode only toggles between two bones (r54969)
  • Fix #34534: Copy/Paste objects hangs (r55051)
  • Fix (regression) #34438: Solidify crease error (r54882)
  • Fix missing select menu for weight, vertex, texture paint modes. (r54883)
  • Fix joining meshes could loose crease/bevel weights (r54899)
  • Fix (regression) #34449: Edge toggline bevel failed (r54900)



  • Fix #34370: Collapse-Edges crash in dyntopo (r54827)
  • Fix #34431: Crash when dyntopo enabled and using view plane mode (r54971)
  • Fix #34473: Blender Crashes on toggling modes, dynatopo sculpt/object mode. (r55007)


Game Engine

  • Fix projection clipping (r54733)
  • Fix #34349: Character walkDirection ADD mode -#INF error. (r54738)
  • Fix #18967: Enable alpha buffer (useful for TV broadcasting). (r54745)
  • Fix #34353: Ray cast on Triangle mesh bounded Rigid Body Object crashes (r54757)
  • Fix #34219: Webcam support under Linux in Standalone broken (r54764)
  • Fix #34330: Action Actuator "caching" the previous ran actions (r54766 r54767 r54769)
  • Fix error using actions with multiple scenes (r54767)
  • Fix object color channels can now be animated separately without zeroing out the other channels (r54772)
  • Fix error using uninitialized variables for rendering (r54776 r54781)
  • Fix #34377: Game-Engine – Multi UV mesh’s materials not backwards compatible (r54780)
  • Fix Game-Engine crashing when on material conversions (r54837)
  • Fix #34440: Motion blur (2d filter) not working in osx (r54912)
  • Fix #34428 #20856 #20281: converting multi-uv layers. (r54972)
  • Fix #34523: 2D-Filter produces render error (r55010)
  • Fix #34517: 2D-Filter causes mouselook script drifting effect (r55011)


Rigid Body

  • Fix motion paths calculation being incorrect for rigid bodies (r54799)
  • Allow rigidbody collision groups to be animated (r54818)
  • Fix #34410: Planes with Rigid Body always keep distance to colliding objects (r54855)
  • Fix #34420: Rigid objects not resetting original properly after running a simulation. (r54862)
  • Fix inconsistency with world rebuilding with the start frame (r54990)


Text Editor

  • Fix Fix text editor bug: ctrl+F is not configurable (r54878)
  • Fix #54907: freeze when turning on syntax highlight (r54907)
  • Fix crash when overwriting ascii character with multibyte character (r54917)



  • Fix Python console bug: "autocomplete" doesn’t advance cursor properly when completion includes UTF8 characters (r54824)
  • Fix #34423: foreach_get crash for any non existant attribute (r54865 r54866)
  • Fix #34372: mesh.verts.foreach_set not working with normals (r54943)
  • Fix for python exception getting the ID from an operator button (r54835)



  • Fix freeing all bakes in particle mode (r54822)
  • Fix file with packed images crashes on load (r54790)
  • Fix image alpha version patch with library linked files (r54794)
  • Fix #34427: Collada export crash with armature (r54856)
  • Fix X3D import error loading UV’s (r4325)
  • Fix X3D import for images (r4327)
  • Rigify fixes (r4321 r4334 r4335)


You can head on over and download it here.

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