Blender 2.69 released. What is in it for game developers?


Blender announced the released of Blender 2.69 and now we are going to take a quick look at what is in it for game developers.


The biggest feature on that front is the ability to import FBX files, as well as export FBX and OBJ files with split normals.  As FBX support improves, it becomes easier and easier to slot Blender into a seamless multi application workflow.


The mesh bisect tool was added for quickly cutting an object in half:

File:Mesh bisect.png


Clean-up tool added for automatically detecting and fixing holes in a mesh.

Symmetrize was re-written and now preserves UV and mesh data.

Probably the biggest new feature was the addition of Hidden Wire display mode.  With this enabled, it will only show front facing wireframe:

File:View3d shading hidden-wire.png

A number of other small modeling changes.


Plane Tracking was added to the Motion Tracker, for replacing flat surface in a scene, such as a billboard.

File:Blender2.69 MotionTracker.png


As well, a number of improvements to the Cycles renderer.


All told, not a ton new in this update.

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