Blender 2.82 Released

Just two and a half months after the release of Blender 2.81, Blender 2.82 is now available.  While nowhere near as massive an update as Blender 2.80, there are still a number of improvements to be found in Blender 2.82 including:

  • New Mantaflow powered gas and liquid physics simulation engine
  • Improved cloth simulations with support for internal air pressure and internal springs
  • UDIM tiled texturing support (learn more here and here)
  • PIXAR USD format export support
  • Cycles improvements including new nodes, faster rendering on Windows and more
  • AI DeNoiser support on RTX hardware powered by NVidia OptiX for faster cycles renders
  • Preview pass support in EEVEE renderer including ambient occlusion, mist, combined, normal and more
  • Transparent materials now blend properly with volumetrics
  • Sculpting improvements including new multi-plane scrape brush and slide relax brush as well as pose brush improvements
  • Grease pencil improvements including new polyline tool and multi stroke modifier
  • Plus several other new features and improvements

For complete details on what’s new in Blender 2.82 be sure to check out the complete release notes available here.  You can also learn more and see several of the new features in action in the video below.

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