Blender 3.0 Alpha Released

In what sounds like a massive release, but really isn’t, the Blender Foundation have just released Blender 3.0. This is literally just the next version in the sequence and as of right now, the only new feature is the new Asset Browser. You can read the (rather empty) release notes for Blender 3.0 here.

One significate development with Blender 3.0, is it is going to be the first new release under the new Blender numbering system discussed last year. This means going forward we will only see .x releases, such as Blender 3.1, 3.2, 3.2, etc.

In perhaps more exciting news, Blender 2.93 Beta was released yesterday. The Blender 2.93 release notes are available here and contain several more changes and improvements. Do keep in mind however, that all of the functionality in 2.93 should also be in 3.0. Also keep in mind that beta and especailly alpha releases are not meant for production use. DO NOT open your primary blend projects in either release for example.

Both Blender 2.93 beta and Blender 3.0 alpha are available to download on the Blender Experimental Build page. You can learn more about the Blender 3.0 alpha release and the new naming convention in the video below.

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