Blender 3.2 Released

Hot on the heels of the Blender 3.2 Beta release, today the Blender Foundation officially released Blender 3.2. Unfortunately the new hair system from the beta didn’t seem to make final release, butt here is a lot to like in this release, including:

  • All new Light Groups support, ability to define separate lighting areas and handle them in composition
  • Improved shadow caustic support in the cycles renderer
  • Support for Motion Blur on OpenVDB volumetric objects
  • Massive improvements to painting support, including
    • A New paintbrush with tip control, flow, density control and more
    • A New natural-media-like smear brush
    • New Mask By Colour mode
    • Colour filter tool (hue, saturation, etc)
  • REMESH voxelizer maintains color attributes, preserving your paint job
  • New Duplicate Elements geometry node, enabling array like support
  • Add Collection assets to asset library (think prefabs)
  • New curve pen tool
  • New grease pencil envelope modifier
  • Video sequencer improvements
  • New OBJ exporter written in C++ and many times faster
  • Improvements to the FBX file format IO
  • Much, much more

For complete details be sure to check out the release announcement and in-depth release notes. Blender have also released a 5-minute overview video with a new feature walkthrough.

You can learn more about the Blender 3.2 release in the video below.

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